Foster Care to Adoption Vs. Private Adoption

4 March 2015
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The adoption process is unique for every family seeking a child to add to their family. Some couples choose to work with the government, where they foster children first, while others choose to go the private adoption route. Both private and state adoptions take time, and it is important to understand the differences between the two.

Foster Care May Lead to Adoption

Children are placed in foster care under a Care and Protection Petition filed by the child protective services in their state. They are in foster care because their parent or legal guardian is not able to take care of them at this time. Until a parent has either given up their parental rights to the child, or has lost their rights in court, the child is considered a legal risk case to any pre-adoptive parents.

While the caseworker may have a good idea as to the competency of the parent, and their ability to get their child back, the process can be full of heartache. If a child is deemed legally free, then it is emotionally safe to take in the child as a foster child with the intent of adoption.

Private Adoption are Less Risky

Private adoptions are different than state-assisted adoptions. Whether you choose to work within the United States, or you choose an international adoption, the child that will be placed in your care is already legally free for adoption. The process takes time, and sometimes the birth mother will be able to choose who the child is placed with. A child adopted through a private adoption is placed in your home and ready to be adopted.

Some families choose to do foster care first. Foster care is a way to get to know the child, before committing to a full adoption. But most couples who are interested in adoption have been planning and hoping for a long time for a young child to call their own. A private adoption is the surest path to a child that won't be pulled from your care. It is more expensive to pay for a private adoption, but most people can't deal with the unknown that comes with taking care of a child that is placed with them in the foster care system. Simply waiting and not knowing if the child will be free for adoption can take years.

When you are ready to begin the process of adoption, it is time to call a qualified adoption agency in your area.