3 Ways To Create A Cool And Cozy Winter Wedding

23 June 2015
 Categories: Relationships & Family, Blog


Summer may be the most obvious choice for a wedding, but many brides are choosing to buck the trend and create an inviting, often less-expensive wedding outside the traditional season. Winter weddings, in particular, can be beautiful and full of wintry personality. Here are a few ways to embrace the cold season and plan a winter wedding everyone will remember.

Dresses and Jackets

Winter wedding dresses for both the bride and bridesmaids feature classic long-sleeved styles or an overlaid jacket or shrug. Long lace sleeves or even short cascading sleeves add a winter feeling without sacrificing a sexy style, especially when paired with a scoop neck or even an off-the-shoulder neckline.

If your perfect bridal dress and bridesmaids dresses don't have sleeves, add a cover-up for warmth. Wedding coats, like the dresses with which they are paired, may be embellished with bows, lace, beading or buttons to fit any style. They can be short or full-length and come in materials such as thick wool, faux fur and even smooth silk. For a less bulky style that still adds a cozy winter look to any dress, try a short fur shrug or shawl that just covers the shoulders and upper torso or even a lace topper that can be placed right over a regular sleeveless dress. Talk to a professional bridal shop, like Bridal Elegance, for more suggestions on winter-apparel options.

The Cake

To create a forest feeling for your cake, try decorating with pine cones and silver berries. Alternatively, snowflakes and a pair of snowman cake toppers make a fun and unique winter cake, as do cupcakes with snowflake decoration and icicle flourishes. For a more sophisticated look, metallic colors like gold, silver or copper along with beading give the feeling of winter while remaining classic and mature. 

The Flowers

Winter brings thoughts of snow-covered forests, snowflakes and evergreens. Give your wedding a winter touch with berries - available in many colors to complement your style - as buttonhole fittings. Complement this look with flowers in a silver, blush and white palette with just a hint of burgundy, navy or dark greens. Roses, peonies, pine boughs, carnations, ferns, eucalyptus and parrot tulips can lend a winter feeling to any bouquet or centerpiece.  

Your winter wedding doesn't have to mean bulky clothing and bland or cliche winter decorations. Stylish and sophisticated dresses paired with thematic elements in the cake and flowers help create a winter wonderland that can set any wedding apart from the crowd.